Beautiful library at the bank of Pajakkakoski -rapids

Kuhmo’s library was planned by Arkkitehdit NRT Oy (former Arkkitehtitoimisto Nurmela-Raimoranta-Tasa Oy), a Finnish arcitecht office from Helsinki. The chief arcitech for this project was Jyrki Tasa. Located on the banks of the Pajakkakoski rapids, this postmodernistic library was opened for the use of the public in 1988. The working title for the construction project was ”Atalante”, which refers to a riverboat in the French director Jean Vigo’s similarily named movie.

Kuhmo Town Library and the Pajakkakoski -rapid. -
The Kuhmo Town Library; Kuhmo`s public library, located at the bank of Pajakkakoski. Photo: A. Ainali 2021

Works from local artists, such as the nature photos of photographer Antti Leinonen, Ariadna Donner’s ”Kirjan merkit” -textile tapestry, and Niilo Hyttinen’s artwork ”Lentua – myyttinen tarina” are on display inside the library. There is also a permanent display of the difefrent editions of the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala.

Kuhmo Town library has a large and diverse collection of books, encompassive music library, and magazines & newspapers available in both physical and digital form. One can either loan items and study them at home, or peruse them on site. For the latter option the Kuhmo Town Library also has a special Satusoppi, a Fairytale corner for children, as well as many tables for both adults and younger customers to read at. The library also offers good facilities for holding meetings and exhibitions. The Kuhmo Tourist Information services are also located at the Kuhmo Town Library.

 The library’s doors are open to all, and the Kuhmo Town Library welcomes all permanent residents, summer-time dwellers and tourists as their customers. Kuhmo Town Library collaborates with different partners to enhance literacy and raise awareness of different forms of literature. There are also many literary events organised at the library, such as author visits and the Book Fair.

Events in the library

There are all sorts of events happening in the Kuhmo Town Library during the year. Reading tips are published on the library’s social media accounts on a weekly basis. From the library’s webpages one can also find a book blog. On this platform the staff publishes a post about varying literary themes four times per year. In addition to this, the library also serves as a place for art-, photography-, and other kinds of exhibitions all around the year. The Kuhmo Town Library also organises book promotion and -publishing events.

There are five different reading clubs in total. The Kuhmo Town Library’s own book club focuses on reading and discussion of literary classics. Every other week from September to April the Adult Education Centre’s reading club meets at the library. The group selects a book that fits a certain theme, and then discuss the their thoughts about it. 

The Novella hook – club meets once per month between September and April. During this event the participants listen to novellas being read aloud while making handicrafts and knitwear to be donated to charity. For their youngest customers the Kuhmo Town Library offers Fairytale Hour with care dogs. During this event the little ones get to listen to fairytales and stories while aquainting themselves with the Care Dogs From Finnish Kennel Club’s Kainuu district organisation.

Kuvassa joukko vanhoja ihmisiä istuu tekemässä käsitöitä.
Novella hook -meeting at the Kuhmo Town Library. Photo: Marju Pulkkinen

The highlight of Kuhmo Town Library’s year 2021 will be The Kainuu Book Fair. This event will be jointly organised by the City of Kuhmo and the Regional Council of Kainuu.

Inspired by the Kuhmo Book Fair 2020, the Kainuu Book Fair will be held for the very first time between the 19th and 20th of November 2021. The Book Fair offers an opportunity to showcase the expertice of Kainuu district’s literary talents and -organisations, and celebrate the local literature.

Contact the library

Kuhmo Town Library

Pajakkakatu 2, 88900 Kuhmo

Phone: 044 7255 389