Could you be Kuhmo’s spoken word champion in this global spoken word competition?

Hello, friends of poetry from Kuhmo!

Cities of Literature Network’s annual Slam-O-Vision spoken word competition is nearing, and we are looking for a champion to represent us in it. Could you be the poet that we are looking for?

Kuhmo’s local competition will be held at Kaesan kahvila on the 14th of October, 6 pm. Our warmest welcome!

What is Slam-O-Vision?

Slam-O-Vision is an annually organised spoken word competition, hosted by the Cities of Literature Network. In 2022 this spoken word version of the Eurovision will be back for the fourth year.

This year’s competition will be hosted by last year’s winner, Nottingham City of Literature. The competition starts when the cities choose from their residents a poet who will represent them with a poem of their own writing. When the decision has been made, the cities will film an unedited video of the performance, and send it to be added on the official Slam-O-Vision website:

When every participating city has chosen their champion, it is time to evaluate the performances. Each City of Literature will assemble a jury that will rate the performances in the 1-10 -style. The results will be announced at the final, organised in Nottingham on the 6th of December. This event will be streamed, thus making it possible for all the Cities of Literature to join in on the excitement.

Kuhmo’s local competition

Kuhmo’s representative for the 2022 Slam-O-Vision will be chosen in a local competition, organised by the City of Kuhmo and Kuhmo’s City of Literature-office in the evening of October 14th. Perhaps you could be our spoken word champion?

You can choose the theme of your poem freely, and perform it in any language – the most important thing is that it is written by you.

This event is open for poets of all ages and backgrounds, be they professionals or hobby writers. Warm welcome to all writers! Please note that if the winner is underage, we’ll require their guardian’s permission for filming the video.

The global competition is about fame, glory, and the Slam-O-Vision championship – as well as shraing the joy of creativity and poetry. However, the winner of Kuhmo’s spoken word championship will be rewarded with a small prize. Mark the 14th of October into your calendar, and pick up your pen and some paper! Stay tuned, and you’ll be among the first to hear more about the details of the event.

The picture shows a plant-themed notebook leaning on a microphone, and a greyish-white coffee cup.

About the performance and video

The maximum length of the perfromance is 5 minutes, and you can enliven it with, for example, physical movement. Please note that special effects and editing of the video are prohibited.

If the poem is perfromed in a language other than English, subtitles are highly recommended. If needed, Kuhmo’s City of Literature office will be happy to help with the translation and the filming of the video.

Do you have any questions about the competition? Don’t hesitate to contact Kuhmo’s City of Literature office, our coordinator Aino will be happy to help you. You can reach her via email ( or phone (044 491 6226).

We will soon give more details about this event. Keep an eye out for our posts on social media, and you’ll be among the first to learn more!