Kuhmo City of Literature

Welcome to Kuhmo City of Literature

Kuhmo has been a City of Literature of UNESCO, a part of Creative Cities Network of UNESCO since 2019.

Kuhmo City of Literature

Kalevala's nest and a city that
cherishes literary culture

In 2019, Kuhmo became part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The main theme in Kuhmo’s application was the strong connection between Kuhmo and Finland`s national epos, the Kalevala, and the many ways the Kalevala influences the evereday life in Kuhmo. Many cultural events and festivals use the Kalevala as a source of inspiration. 

Kalevala is a central element in Kuhmo`s literary culture, but there are also many contemporary writers living in Kuhmo. Their active work enriches the literary culture in the Kainuu region. 

From these webpages you will find information about Kuhmo City of Literature`s literary events, places to visit, our ongoing projects – and the latest news from UNESCO Cities of Literature Network. Warmest of welcome!

Vanhanaikaisiin, risaisiin vaatteisiin pukeutuneet mies ja nainen seisovat ulkoilmateatterin lavalla.

Events in Kuhmo City of Literature

Experience Kuhmo's literary events

Kuhmo City of Literature offers experiences for every taste, year-round. From this section you will find information about the many events in Kuhmo City of Literature, such as the Arhippa Perttunen symposium and the Kainuu Book Fair Welcome!


Projects in Kuhmo City of Literature

Kuhmo City of Literature and it`s UNESCO City of Literature office collaborate with both local and international partners. You can read more about our projects from here. Warmest of welcome!

Kuvassa joukko vanhoja ihmisiä istuu tekemässä käsitöitä.

Media library

You can browse photos and videos of various events from the Media Library page.


Current news

From here you can read the latest literary news about Kuhmo City of Literature. In addition to this, you can find out what is happening in the other Cities of Literature – such as open calls for upcoming residency programmes.

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